Palm Springs

Year: 2020
Director: Max Barbakow
Rating: 8

I will pretty much watch any time loop show or movie no matter how terrible it is, but Palm Springs (despite its stupid title) rises above most of them to deliver a funny and entertaining ninety minutes.

Andy Samberg plays a dude who is at a wedding because his shitty girlfriend is one of the bridesmaids. He ends up stuck in a time loop and is reliving that day for forty years. The movie drops us in at some point during that eternity. What differentiates this from most time loop movies is that he’s not the only person stuck in it, and the addition of others allows the story to be told from multiple perspectives while also adding some conflict not present in Groundhog Day.

But mostly this is just very light and very funny from beginning to end. If you like Samberg in Brooklyn 99, you will no doubt like him here as his character is similar. Cristin Milioti and J.K. Simmons are delightful as well, and the whole cast is obviously having a blast.

Like pretty much every movie that involves the bending of time, it helps if you don’t worry about the temporal mechanics and subsequent paradoxes. Palm Springs is a ride I enjoyed and would probably watch again.

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