159. A Man Alone (1.04)

Synopsis: An old enemy of Odo’s is murdered behind locked doors, and all the evidence points to Odo as the killer.

Memory Alpha Summary: They kept forgetting to develop characters in season one.

Review: An all-around dud of an episode sees Odo framed for murder, even though there is never even the slightest doubt to his innocence.

While it’s understandable that the audience isn’t likely to doubt a primary character of such–even in the third episode of the series–none of his colleagues doubt him either, even for a second. Thus, there’s zero tension. The mild mystery that surrounds the frame job isn’t terribly interesting. Also, the shapeshifting-hatin’ mob that goes after Odo is not believable.

Otherwise, we get to see Bashir’s awkward advances on Dax that make us respect her more but make us grossed out by him, so it’s a wash. Keiko gets some needed screen time, though the subplot of her developing a school is barely worth a mention at this time.

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