158. Paradise (2.15)

Synopsis: Sisko and O’Brien are trapped on a world with no advanced technology, and the Human colonists living there are determined to keep it that way.

Memory Alpha Summary: Drink the Kool-Aid, kids

Review: The idea that someone would crash land a bunch of people on a planet (without their knowledge) to create an anti-technology community is deplorable in and of itself. The episode doesn’t do enough to demonize Alixus, who is the cult leader.

The fact that the community decides not to leave when they find out the truth is defensible, considering they’ve been brainwashed and have developed their own families. But there’s zero conversation with regards to all the family members that were left behind when these people crash landed ten years ago. Do they not care about everyone back on Earth, or wherever? Very unsatisfying script.

One thought on “158. Paradise (2.15)”

  1. This is the first one I remember fairly well, and I had the same misgivings. Writers ignoring assumed family members just because they aren’t in the show is such a rookie move.

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