157. Nor The Battle To The Strong (5.04)

Synopsis: After diverting to the Federation hospital on Ajilon Prime looking for an interesting story, Jake believes himself to be a coward when repeated Klingon attacks awaken him to the reality of war and force him to abandon Dr. Bashir and run for cover.

Memory Alpha Summary: Edward R. Murrow he is not

Review: I knew this one was going to be a groaner as soon as we hear Jake narrating his angsty thoughts about his writing. I almost always hate it when the narrator is the primary character, as it often just feels like the writer/director isn’t trusting that they can get their point across with story and must jam the protagonist’s feelings down our throats. 

A story about how war makes people find out more about themselves than they wanted to know. The sentiment of the episode is fine, but it never works. A good deal of this is that Cirric Lofton is just not a great actor and he emotes like crazy. But then you also have the scene where Jake comes across a dying Starfleet officer, hoping that if he can find someone who acts more shittily that he’ll look better in comparison. The scene is so painful, added to the fact that I am never convinced by the cinematography that we’re not on a set. Siddig regretted that nothing more came of the relationship between he and Jake, but he might be the only one. 

The scene at the end where Sisco praises his son for his bravery in opening about his faults is a good one, but it can’t save it.

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