155. Playing God (2.17)

Synopsis: While hosting her first Trill initiate Dax discovers a tiny, expanding protouniverse that threatens to destroy the Bajoran system.

Memory Alpha Summary: But let’s talk about it for only ten minutes.

Review: Unlike the previous episode (“Shadowplay”), this A-B-C plot didn’t work at all, as not enough time is devoted to any one of them.

The ethical dilemma of destroying one universe to save another could be an entire episode. It winds up being dwarfed by the trill initiate plot that feels forced in there and isn’t all that interesting in the first place. The Cardassian Voles was a potentially fun subplot, similar to the Tribble problem, but never really goes anywhere. Just a mess all around.

2 thoughts on “155. Playing God (2.17)”

  1. Stupid side note: I always hated the aesthetic of the word “Bajoran.” It sounded like a mistake that characters just kept making. Even now I bristle at it. I have problems.

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