Tecmo Super Bowl

Genre: Sports
Developer: Tecmo
Year: 1993

Rating: 10

Review: The original version of this game for the NES wound up the #1 game on my countdown. I’ve spent more hours of my life playing that game than any other. However, this sequel for the Super NES comes in fairly close behind it.

Tecmo took a formula that delighted an entire generation and more or less copied it here. They upgraded the schedule and rosters, added weather, fixed some of the rule mistakes (e.g. touchbacks) and clock issues. Otherwise, besides the graphics overhaul, the game play is nearly identical.

The game you prefer is likely dependent on which you played first. I enjoy the rosters in the former a bit more (i.e. Bo Jackson) and the cut scenes are a bit more imaginative.

5 thoughts on “Tecmo Super Bowl”

  1. I ended up playing this one more than the original. I always played as the Dolphins, and always created a running back named Crazy Rhymes, which was my clique’s nickname for the shitty ditchweed that grew in and around Blue Earth.

      1. Then I renamed one, maybe? I’m very certain I played a Tecmo Super Bowl and named my running back Crazy Rhymes.

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