149. Family Business (3.23)

Synopsis: Quark’s mother violates Ferengi law by earning profit.

Memory Alpha Summary: Glass ceiling

Review: I know the cast and crew were very proud of this episode, but man I just have a hard time getting into a Ferengi drama. The conflicts are overly simplistic–a female is trying to work AND wear clothes!?!?–and their indignancy is unpleasant to listen to. It was nice to see Rom get angry and use some trickery to resolve the conflict, but when it comes down to it, I just don’t care. One cool thing this episode does is mention the start of Nog’s future Star Fleet career. 

The B-plot, where Sisko meets Cassidy Yates, also sets up some future episodes nicely. But it’s one of the most boring meet and greets ever. The “hey we have baseball in common?” spark feels contrived. 

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