148. Prophet Motive (3.16)

Synopsis: Grand Nagus Zek has become a philanthropist, and Quark worries that he may have gone insane; Bashir is nominated for a prestigious medical award.

Memory Alpha Summary: Glass ceiling

Review: As far as Ferengi episodes go, it’s not terrible.

It’s mildly amusing. Shawn Wallace really gets into playing a democratic, free-love Ferengi. But it doesn’t deserve to be an A-plot. The B-plot about Bashir being nominated for a lifetime achievement award is also pretty weak, as Bashir’s emotions are pretty paint-by-numbers. At least the dart board gets introduced.

One thought on “148. Prophet Motive (3.16)”

  1. I still don’t remember almost any of these Ferengi episodes, but it’s amusing to keep going through and seeing Ferengi faces on the photos of these bottom-list entries.

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