Developer: Sharedata
Year: 1989
Genre: Game Show
Platform: DOS, Apple II, Commodore 64

My Rating: 7

A game show I have never seen one second of, probably because it only aired for one season. Thankfully, it aired during the time period of Sharedata licensing everything. I think it’s a pretty solid premise for a game and would also work well as a table top game.

Three contestants face off are given questions like, “Name the eight actresses who won an Oscar for Best Actress.” On the board will be eight correct answers and four decoys, and the contestants take turns taking stabs at the board, passing when they no longer feel confident to continue guessing. If you guess one wrong, you lose all the money you’ve obtained to that point and give your opponents a chance to win.

If you make the second round, the two players bet in Name That Tune style how many correct answers they think they can get until one player chickens out. If they can’t run the board, their opponent can steal it with one correct guess.

In the final round, you get thirty seconds to get six of twelve correct answers to a question, and every time you lock in your answers, you’re told how many you got correct and can go back and flip answers if you have enough time.

I love this kind of trivia game, so I still play this on rare occasions even though the questions are insanely outdated. Better yet, the party game “Smarty Party” is somewhat similar and even more fun.

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