133. Second Sight (2.09)

Synopsis: Sisko falls in love with a woman visiting the station, but she is not what she appears to be.

Memory Alpha Summary: Too bad Riker wasn’t around to commiserate with

Review: A really slow, pointless episode that could have been great for Sisko’s character. Eventually, we figure he’d move on and begin dating again. So, the first woman he sees is a telepathic image from a married woman? Sheesh. Why is it so hard for the writers to allow a Star Trek captain some good times? Were they making up for Kirk who had one too many? Regardless, they “fall in love” too quickly. Why can’t they just acknowledge it’s a crush? That would still deepen Sisko’s character. 

I did enjoy the character of Seyetik. A lot of arrogant scientists on TNG were insufferable. Seyetik is insufferable to those who have to live with him, but he comes off quite charming to those he just meets, and he knows all of it. It makes him a more realistic character than the completely antisocial scientists we’re used to seeing. His decision to end his own life to save his wife (and stop the harmful telepathic projections) is a touching one, though it could have been more so if we had spent more time watching he and his wife interact. 

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