128. Wrongs Darker Than Death Or Night (6.17)

Synopsis: Kira uses the Orb of Time to travel into the past after Dukat claims that her mother was once his lover during the Occupation.

Memory Alpha SummaryThis is heavy, Doc

Review: On one hand I enjoy time travel episodes that involve Terrok Nor and it was nice to see “old Dukat” again. On the other hand, way too much Kira. I just never buy her feelings for her mother, positive or negative, and per usual with this character/actor, the emotional swings are fast and furious.  

But it’s not all Visitor’s fault. The writing at times is too on the nose. At the end, where

Sisko: Tell me something, Nerys… if you hate her that much, why did you save her life?

Nerys: Believe me, there’s a part of me that wishes I hadn’t. But the fact is, no matter what she did… she was still my mother.

Maybe it’s the way Visitor delivers the last line, but my word is most of it unnecessary.  She could have said, “part of me wishes I hadn’t,” and then the rest could have been assumed through non-verbals. Or we could have as an audience wondered about her feelings. But nope, she’s going to tell us everything she’s feeling, which is exhausting because she changes her mind every ten seconds.  

The writers loved this episode because of the moral ambiguity about Kira’s mother’s role with Dukat. But what I see is Kira loudly shouting both sides alternately without any nuance.  

The other thing that bothers me is that I highly doubt that Dukat would have gone this many years into his relationship with Kira without mentioning his relationship with her mother. I just don’t see why he would have waited.

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