127. The Emperor’s New Cloak (7.12)

Synopsis: When Grand Nagus Zek is kidnapped by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance while on a business trip into the “mirror universe”, Quark and Rom follow him there.

Memory Alpha Summary: Who’s the least fairest of them all?

Review: The final mirror universe episode is pretty disappointing, and not just because it focuses on a bunch of Ferengi. I just felt like they could have done something more grandiose, with some finality, rather than leaving it open-ended.  

I did like alternate Ezri and alternate Brunt, and it was kind of funny watching Rom continuously point out how bizarre the alternate universe is.  But this episode did nothing to advance the characters of the Regent or the Intendent.  In fact, they come off even more like cartoon characters here than they did before (not to mention the cartoony standoff between the Ferengi and Garak).  As it turns out, that was the writer’s intent; they decided to stop trying to make the alt universe serious and just treat it like a joke.  They missed the ball I think. 

And man I was hoping for something huge at the end, like Ezri murdering the Intendent or the rebels winning the war outright.  But nope, just the grand nagus being saved again.  I do appreciate another gay kiss (remember: still 1990s here), though not the context; suddenly making the Intendant bisexual didn’t really do much other than add some sleazy intrigue.  And I didn’t laugh as much as the writers were hoping for.

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