126. Sons and Daughters (6.03)

Synopsis: Alexander Rozhenko joins the crew of the Rotarran, much to the disappointment of Worf. On Terok Nor, Tora Ziyal returns to the station where Dukat intends to use her to get closer to Major Kira.

Memory Alpha Summary: Torpedoing Worf one more time for good measure

Review: Unfortunately an episode with relationships I’ve never much cared for, those between Dukat and Nerys and between Worf and his son Alexander.

The former because I rarely believe emotions coming out of Visitor, and the latter because it’s the eighty-fifth reminder of this character arc that Worf is a shitty father, whether you judge him by human or Klingon standards. Alexander has never been that interesting of a character, and this episode just hits the usual notes of their relationship.  There’s nothing really bad here, but I was honestly yawning throughout. 

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