113. Rapture (5.10)

Synopsis: On the eve of Bajor’s entry into the Federation, Sisko locates the ruins of the ancient lost city of B’hala on Bajor. As the visions that are guiding him prove potentially fatal, Sisko must choose between faith and his life.

Memory Alpha SummaryPro-choice is the Sisko

Review: Perhaps if I was a religious person I would appreciate this episode more, but I can’t imagine making a choice to end my life and orphan my children for something I wasn’t sure I believe in just a few episodes ago.

While Brooks acts the part well and there’s some better conversations about faith here than in most wormhole alien episodes, it mostly just feels like he’s a puppet and not truly going through a religious conversion.

I like how the writers throw a wrench into the character of Kai Winn and the Bajoran entrance into the Federation. Making characters and situations untidy and complex was a hallmark of this show.

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