109. Invasive Procedures (2.04)

Synopsis: A desperate Trill tries to steal the Dax symbiont.

Memory Alpha SummaryAlien probe?

Review: The plot calls for a complete evacuation of the station, just one episode after another plot called for a complete evacuation of the station, with Rom weaseling his way off without Quark? That just seems lazy.

Also lazy and irresponsible is that Quark completely and purposefully sabotages the station’s defense grid for his own profit and receives zero punishment. Yes, he tries to right his wrong and helps save the day by unleashing a captive Odo on their captors, but that’s completely besides the point. For what it’s worth, the story pissed off Armin Shimerman as well.

The main story, while completely predictable and simple, at least allows for some good performances. We learn more about Trill culture, and seeing Terry Farrell give Jadzia’s character a go (without Dax inside her) is fun. Bashir gets to yell at a Klingon, which is also great for his character. And John Glover is great as Verad, a feeble and scared man until he steals Dax, suddenly becoming confident as well as great friends with Sisko. 

It’s just too bad the set-up was just so ridiculous.

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