108. The Storyteller (1.14)

Synopsis: Chief O’Brien is appointed spiritual leader of a Bajoran village. Meanwhile, Nog and Jake try to help their new friend settle a struggle between two Bajoran villages.

Memory Alpha SummaryNo darts in this village

Review: It’s neat to see a planet in Star Trek that is highly advanced and a part of the Federation, but still has a remote village that is peaceful but more or less completely cut off from the space politics.

Not a terribly original idea here, what with diplomatic peace talks and a people scared of an artificial monster without realizing it. The best part is that it allows Bashir and O’Brien to form the beginnings of a friendship, and it allows Bashir to grow into his character a bit, leaving the arrogant creepiness out of it.

As far as Jake and Nog trying to woo a teenage political leader…it was cute. Nog’s practical joke involving accidentally spilling Odo (in reality, oatmeal) got me too, which was fun.

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