93. Armageddon Game (2.13)

Synopsis: O’Brien and Bashir help to rid two races of their biological weapons, however both governments want to ensure no technical knowledge of the weapons can survive.

Memory Alpha Summary: Tabula Rasa

Review: A really good show to develop Bashir and O’Brien’s relationship. It’s just too bad the plot that does so is so contrived.

Are we really to believe that a society that has managed to end a terrible war and achieve peace is willing to kill every scientist to make sure the genetic weapon can’t be remade? It makes zero logical sense. If it can be made once, it can be made again, even without blueprints available. Two, if the society was able to overcome its social problems to stop war, the thought of killing the scientists should be reprehensible and out of the question. 

I love the final scene, where Keiko realizes that O’Brien does indeed drink coffee in the afternoon.

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