73. Tears of the Prophets (6.26)

Synopsis: Sisko leads an invasion of Cardassian territory, ignoring a warning from the Prophets, with fatal consequences for a member of the DS9 crew. (Season finale)

Memory Alpha SummaryBye Jadzia

Review: Jadzia’s death initially had an impact on me (though it was foreshadowed a bit too much with all of the talk about having a baby with Worf).  It was quick.  It was brutal.  It had no purpose.  Yet the writers chickened out and allowed her to have one last dying breath statement for her husband.  Man, I hate that crap.  It’s faux-drama.  Almost nobody dies getting to say what they want to say.  

The cliffhanger, as it were, with Sisko working at his dad’s restaurant to clear his head is a nice touch going into season seven.  Though I’m still not feeling the drama over the war with the Dominion.  I think it’s gone on too long and I no longer care about Gul Dukat or any of the major players.  I did enjoy the conversation between the Damar and Weyoung, where the former criticizes the latter for his belief in his own gods but dismissing the Bajorans gods.  “But they are real!” Weyoun says, encapsulating religious persecution in one sentence.

Vic Fontaine’s introduction wasn’t as successful as he would become, as he comes off a bit creepy here, if still funny. Thankfully, I would warm up to him in season seven.

One thought on “73. Tears of the Prophets (6.26)”

  1. I cannot stand the “one last thing I want to say” trope. There’s something so honest and even beautiful about unfinished business.

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