66. Dr. Bashir, I Presume (5.16)

Synopsis: Doctor Lewis Zimmerman arrives on Deep Space 9 to use Bashir as the model for his new Long-term Medical Hologram, but his plans could unveil a dark secret that Bashir has carried since childhood.

Memory Alpha SummaryThat he’s a douche?

Review: While it definitely feels like the truth bomb on Bashir’s genetic engineering is forced just to create some conflict (especially since the resolution comes from a sacrifice from a character we just met thirty minutes ago), there are some touching moments. His mom’s speech to him about why they genetically engineered him practically made me cry; I think being a parent of a son who has also struggled at times certainly is the reason. Also, learning the Bashir has been letting O’Brien win at times with darts is good fun.

I wish this episode had spent more time being lighthearted. Robert Picardo is always good for that. Watching the Bashir hologram bump into walls and say dumb things during beta testing was also delightful. 

I will say, the absolute best part of the episode is when Dr. Zimmerman interviews Morn. I literally laughed out loud, which rarely happens during Trek. 

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