65. Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges (7.16)

Synopsis: Attending a medical conference on Romulus, Dr. Bashir becomes embroiled in an elaborate scheme devised by Section 31 as a way to ensure the Romulans remain on the side of the Federation Alliance.

Memory Alpha SummaryEveryone likes this one more than I

Review: The awaited follow up to Section 31, I found myself a little less impressed with the execution.

 I do like Sloan’s character quite a bit and I appreciate spending time on Romulus.  However, much like “Inquisition”, this is yet another episode where Bashir is played like a fiddle the entire time, only this time the deus ex machina is hard to swallow.  Why does Ross reveal everything to Bashir off the record?  He knows Bashir won’t absolve his guilty conscience and he’s not the arrogant villain trying to boast.  It’s just there for endless exposition about all things I just watched and was confused by.  When you have to have a three minute dialogue explaining what just happened, perhaps your plot is too convoluted.  

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