64. Hippocratic Oath (4.04)

Synopsis: Bashir tries to help members of a Jem’Hadar unit free themselves of their addiction to the drug the Founders use to control them. Meanwhile, Worf tries to adjust to life aboard DS9.

Memory Alpha SummaryApparently the 12-step program doesn’t work with them either

Review: A decent script for Bashir and O’Brien to be at odds again and I like how the more pragmatic character ends up on the “right” side versus the altruistic one. It’s another way the producers of DS9 differ from Roddenberry in that the enlightened choice sometimes makes real people dead people and sometimes you have to think safety before virtue. 

The B-story is also pretty decent what with Worf having to learn he’s not a security officer anymore and this isn’t the Enterprise. It’s a necessary step for his character to shed his suffocating TNG skin and move on. 

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