62. Vortex (1.12)

Synopsis: A fugitive from the Gamma Quadrant attempts to trade evidence about Odo’s people for freedom.

Memory Alpha SummaryMini-Borgs.

Review: The most important episode of season one establishes that Odo is not alone in the universe as well as setting the stage for the Changelings and The Dominion, as we learn a little bit about their persecution at the hands of humanoids. It’s not the best episode, however, as the individual impact of the episode is low. We get to know two new alien species from the Gamma quadrant that we’ll never see again. I love the idea of the Miradorn, a species where every person has a twin that they’re interdependent on. They’re only minimally explored here, sadly, and we’ll never hear from them again.  

There are some mildly touching moments near the end, with Odo showing compassion and hope for the first time in the series, watching Croden reunite with his daughter, and then Odo speaking to his “cousin” a mini-Changeling inside a pendant.

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