61. The Sound of Her Voice (6.25)

Synopsis: The Defiant receives a distress call from a Starfleet captain stranded on an inhospitable planet.

Memory Alpha SummaryIt’s a nice sound.

Review: Like The Usual Suspects, this episode is better once the ending hits and you think about what you just watched.  Part of that is because you’re waiting for a twist ending but aren’t getting the one you may have expected.  And also it’s just written well. Lisa Cusak is a more well-rounded, satisfying version of Vic Fontaine, whose presence improves the lives of the crew; it’s also a solid commentary about how war can affect the personal lives of officers in a more nuanced way than we’re used to seeing.  

The B-plot with Odo letting Quark have a win is fine; it would have been more satisfying if the ending weren’t so telegraphed.  

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