53. Starship Down (4.07)

Synopsis: Sisko defends a Karemma ship when it is attacked by the Jem’Hadar. Meanwhile, Quark and the Karemma trade minister argue about the value of dishonesty in trading before having to work together to disarm a Jem’Hadar torpedo.

Memory Alpha SummaryQuark saves everyone’s ass again

Review: Disaster, Part II!

In the former we had a quantum filament making the ship fall apart. Here we have…toxic gas. Yeah, it doesn’t quite have the same tension. But it’s still a pretty fun episode for character development. Kira struggles with being friends with someone she considers a religious figure. Bashir gets to cuddle with Dax and not be creepy about it; they even joke about it and Dax delivers a great quote:

A year ago, if you’d have done something like this, I would’ve thought you were just trying to be a hero,” she teases. “Now that I know you better, I realize it was just a really stupid thing to do.

Worf is a dick throughout the episode, but it’s used as a learning curve for him to be in a position other than security. I’m not sure I like it, as he was a supervisor for six years on The Enterprise; I don’t buy that he hadn’t developed leadership qualities during that time, especially under Riker and Picard’s tutelage.

My favorite part is the situation with Quark and Hannok, played wonderfully by James Cromwell. Quark’s character gets needed fleshing out as a realistic creature motivated by more than greed. After Hannok boasts all episode that he would never cheat a customer and has the highest integrity, we get a genuinely funny moment:

We sell these torpedoes to the Jem’Hadar.

I thought you said you’d never sold substandard merchandise… It was supposed to explode on impact, wasn’t it?

Maybe I should offer them a refund!

And then at the end of the episode a character gets to thank another for “rescuing” them from another conversation with Morn. As far as recurring sitcom jokes go, this one is one of the better ones. 

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