50. Indiscretion (4.05)

Synopsis: Kira and Dukat search for the six-year-old crash site of a Cardassian freighter that was carrying Bajoran prisoners. Also, Sisko deals with Kasidy moving onto the station, a new development in their relationship.

Memory Alpha Summary: If this episode happened in season one, Dukat would be dead.

Review: Nearly every Dukat episode is a good episode and this one is no exception. The softening of his character is necessary not just for him but for the entire Cardassian race, as we already have the crazy fucking Klingons and the cold-as-ice Romulans; there’s no need for Dukat to be a constant asshole, especially when it isn’t war-time.

The scene where he gets impaled by the thorn is fantastic; Kira and Dukat share a genuine moment that helps slightly break down a barrier for her (i.e. Cardassians are purely evil). The whole “Will I kill my illegitimate daughter” part is slightly contrived and predictable, but it adds further layers to the enemy.

The B-plot with Sisko and Yates doesn’t conflict with the A-plot and adds some levity. Even though I find their relationship a bit hammy, I like that Yates doesn’t put up with Sisko’s shit. 

Sisko: “Jake’s a smart boy.”

Yates: “He takes after his mother.”

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