45. For The Uniform (5.13)

Synopsis: Sisko obsessively pursues Maquis leader Michael Eddington.

Memory Alpha Summary: Sisko is a metagenic weapon

Review: I love the Eddington arc. Hell, pretty much any Maquis episode. While the debates about the righteousness of the Maquis get a little stale, the script is tight and different enough from the usual moralizing that it works for me. That Sisko further departs from Picard with his aggressiveness in decision-making makes it all the better. I find it unlikely that Sisko wouldn’t at least face a court martial for destroying the ecosystem of a Maquis planet, but you can’t really argue with the tactic. 

The holocommunicator makes sense on paper, but boy does it look awkward. I’m glad they didn’t use it much. It just doesn’t work well on a 2D screen and isn’t as dramatic as a viewscreen. 

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