24. One Little ship (6.14)

Synopsis: O’Brien, Dax, Bashir, and their runabout are reduced in size while investigating an anomaly. Meanwhile, the Jem’Hadar attack and commandeer the Defiant, leaving the runabout crew with no choice but to take their miniature ship inside the Defiant and help Sisko and the others recapture the vessel.

Memory Alpha Summary: It’s a good ship.

Rascals meets Honey I Shrunk the Kids!  From a conflict standpoint there’s not a lot of new ground here (except the ordinary Gamma vs. Alpha Jem Ha’Dar fighting) but visually this whole episode is a treat.  Getting to see the inside of a plasma conduit and computer circuitry not to mention substituting the photon torpedoes for a handheld phaser. 

Dax: “Don’t worry, I have a light touch.”

Bashir: “Not according to Worf!”

There’s a lot of good banter and non-verbal looks among the actors, including Worf playing a great joke on Dax regarding his poem. 

A silly episode that this season needed. Fun the whole time. 

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