3. Whispers (2.14)

Synopsis: Upon returning from a mission to the Parada system, O’Brien begins to notice the crew acting strange around him and suspects there may be some unknown influence at work.

Memory Alpha SummaryThey forgot the Voight-Kampff test

Review: Our final installment of O’Brien Must Suffer, or rather, his replicant must suffer here. What a brilliant concept, seeing an entire episode through the eyes of a replicant that doesn’t know he’s a replicant. What appears to be a generic conspiracy plot turns out to be that much deeper. We also get a fun chase scene to end it. 

Watching it a second time is still fun. Now knowing that O’Brien is a replicant just adds that much more nuance. Keiko desperately trying to be a good wife while also being creeped out that this guy isn’t her husband. Knowing that the fake O’Brien has the same morals and feelings for his family and friends that the real one does. Masterful storytelling.

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