The Decemberists — The Hazards of Love 1

Year: 2009

The album is a rock opera and I’m not super crazy about it, but I enjoy the albums first track quite a bit. From the wiki:

The plot is a love story: a woman named Margaret (voiced by Stark) falls in love with a shape-shifting boreal forest dweller named William (voiced by Meloy). William’s mother, the jealous Forest Queen (voiced by Nova), and the villainous Rake (also voiced by Meloy) bring conflict to the album’s story arc.

3 thoughts on “The Decemberists — The Hazards of Love 1”

    1. “O Valencia”, off The Crane Wife is another great song. Definitely their most poppy (I wouldn’t say “upbeat”, since it ends, as so many Decemberists songs do, in death and misery).

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