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No Time To Squeal

Author: Mike Sousa & Robb Sherwin
Year: 2001
Development System: TADS
Cruelty Rating: Polite
Length of Play: 2 Hours

My Rating: 4

Mike Sousa and Robb Sherwin as a pairing makes sense, as the former’s strength is coding and the latter’s strength is writing. So I was pretty stoked when I first played this. But instead of combining their strengths, it appears this was developed like a McCartney/Lennon song where they just jam two separate numbers together and hope it works.

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At Wit’s End

Author: Mike Sousa
Year: 2000
Development System: TADS
Cruelty Rating: Cruel
Length of Play: 3-4 Hours

My Rating: 4

I really wanted to love this game. Thrown into the middle of an at-bat during the American League Championship Series, it has one of the better hooks I’ve seen, and I honestly would have played an entire baseball game coded by Sousa. Ultimately, however, this game can’t decide what it wants to be and it left me deeply frustrated.

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