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Lifeless Planet

Publisher: Kingstill
Developer: Stage 2 Studios
Year: 2014
Platform: Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Rating: 3

Lifeless Planet sold itself as a mostly stress-free platformer that focuses on story. While that turned out to be mostly true, there was not enough platforming and not enough story. Braid this is not.

The game’s beginning is intriguing and has the same sense of awe I had when I started Journey. Sadly, less than an hour into play I found myself become increasingly bored and underwhelmed. The premise is that you’ve crash landed on a planet believed to be full of life. However, you quickly determine that all life is gone (including your crewmates) and find evidence that Soviet era Russians had been colonizing this planet for years, though there’s no evidence they’re still around either.

The story does develop over the five to nine hours it will take the average person to play, but it is so freaking slow. So much time is just spent walking over vast expanses of land and the platforming that exists is generally repetitive, occasionally awkward (those geysers made me want to scream), and with very little in the way of challenging puzzles. This would be fine if the story plugged along at a nice pace, but sometimes you can go an hour without learning anything of note. Some people were moved by the story that is there. I was not.

The most frustrating part for me were the few levels that were dark. I even selected the in-game option of brightening the screen and it was still so hard to navigate some areas without straining my eyes. Darkness has its place in games to add to the atmosphere, but here it was just mostly annoying.

I got this when it was a free download off Epic Games. It was generally a nice diversion, but I have no desire to ever pick this up again.


Developer: Preloaded
Publisher: BBC
Year: 2006
Platform: Windows; Mac

Rating: 6/10

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A full-motion video flash game released as a companion to the BBC show “Rome,” CDX is an episodic thriller that follows a prop man working on the show getting embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy. There are multiple paths and hundreds of videos, not to mention an historical education waiting the player.

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Space Quest 1: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter

Space Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter DOS Front Cover

Developer: Sierra
Publisher: Sierra
Year: 1991
Platform: DOS, Mac, Amiga

Part of the wave of Sierra early 90’s remakes of the first games in all their popular series, Space Quest fared little better than the rest. Though receiving an “upgrade” in interface, sound, and graphics, I found this to be much less charming and enjoyable than the game it was supposed to be improving.

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King’s Quest III: To Heir Is Human

King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human Windows Title screen

Developer: Infamous Adventures
Publisher: Infamous Adventures
Year: 2006
Platform: Windows

AGDInteractive wasn’t the only group working on a remake of King’s Quest III. Four years earlier, Infamous Adventures took a stab at it. While it doesn’t have the production values of the former (or would that be the latter?), it’s a faithful adaptation of the original game and sure to please those who liked the original just fine.

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3 Cards To Midnight

3 Cards to Midnight Windows Front Cover

Developer: Big Finish
Publisher: Big Finish
Year: 2009
Platform: Windows

Chris Jones, the creator of the Tex Murphy series, dipped his toe into the casual hidden-object genre. And while for the most part I’m underwhelmed by this type of game, he did a nice job of injecting it with some style and challenge. Rather than simply find a list of objects on the screen, the conceit entails finding a list of words that relate to another word. To wit, if the keyword is “Card” you will want to look for objects such as a shark (for “card shark”) or a key (for “key card”). Think of it as an extra step in your hidden object dalliances.

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Pleurghburg: Dark Ages

Pleurghburg: Dark Ages DOS Title screen, start menu

Publisher: GASPOP Software
Developer: GASPOP Software
Year: 2001
Platform: DOS; Windows

If you’re a Sierra fan who ever wondered what it would be like to combine elements from Police Quest and Manhunter, then you’re decidedly an odd duck. But you’re also in luck, as Pleurghburg (pronunciation: fuck if I know): Dark Ages does just that, providing a tense, gory, exciting adventure.

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