Star Trek: Judgment Rites

Publisher: Interplay
Developer: Interplay
Year: 1993
Platform: DOS

Review: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Interplay obviously took this to heart when creating the sequel to 25th Anniversary. They changed virtually nothing about the setup, and once again were able to get all of the actors from the show to reprise their roles.

However, Judgment Rites elevates to legendary status with a few key additions. First, while the fighting interface remains difficult, it is now optional, a sigh of relief for those who dislike action or mediocre controls. Second, while the story begins a little slow, the plot has been tightened and leads to one truly satisfying end game. It is difficult to find a flaw in this adventure.

Sidebar: Doesn’t Majel Barrett have space’s most beautiful voice? She provides the voice of the Enterprise computer and I searched extensively for every computer entry just to hear her. As a bonus, the computer references plot points from the prequel and from the original television show.

Contemporary RatingHigh. While the battle system would annoy modern gamers, it’s entirely skippable, and there’s nothing in the rest of the game that isn’t awesome.

Cruelty RatingPolite.

One thought on “Star Trek: Judgment Rites”

  1. Good sequel. With voices it would have been even better. Just a few frustrating “where do I click? Oh, I never saw that” spots, or “oh, I have to look at that a second time to initiate new conversation/options?” instances. Like the original, I like that there are acceptable ways of solving things and even better ways. Not really a fan of those paths which are determined by ambiguous conversation trees though.

    “No Man’s Land” easily my favorite mission, with “Though This be Madness” coming in second.

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