License Plates 15-11

15: Washington

Mount Ranier is beautiful and is the perfect choice for Washington’s plate. I’m not sure they pull it off completely, but it still works. Not a big fan of the font for the state’s name, though.

14: Alabama

Is that a heart I see? I can’t read the writing inside of it, but maybe that’s a good thing. I love how they work “Sweet Home Alabama” into the plate, and the font is perfect.  The horizon could use a little work. At first I thought I was seeing mountains in Alabama, but upon closer inspection, it’s just clouds. The blues run together just a bit. Still, very pretty license plate.

13: Connecticut

Other than the totally not needed outline of the state awkwardly placed in the corner there, this plate is great, though I do have a bias towards sky blue. I do wish there was something special about Connecticut here other than the motto.

12: New Mexico

Hey, it’s the colors of the old San Diego Chargers uniforms!  I love baby blue and yellow, though I think if I lived in New Mexico I would get sick of seeing it after a while. Anyway, love the emblem in the middle.  Very solid design here.

11: New Jersey

Much like Connecticut in its simplicity, but the state outline is where it belongs. And I love the color that fades slowly as it goes down. Very pretty yellow.

5 thoughts on “License Plates 15-11”

  1. I looooooove the Washington plate and thought, “Hmm, these had better be impressive after that.” I don’t really love any of the others here, though. Alabama’s is actually quite nice, but they should get negative a billion points for putting that shitty song in my head. I’d avoid living there just so it wasn’t shoved in my skull constantly.

    I see a lot of New Mexico plates, but I have never, ever seen the one above. Not sure what that’s about. They mention 2012 on it…is that when they started using it?

    The other two there are just too dull for me to feel anything for or against.

    Mount Rainier was visible from where I lived on a clear day, though we lived 150 miles away from it or so. It’s nice in a picture, but man, is it beautiful in person.

    1. I can’t stand the song either, but I like the slogan.

      It seems New Mexicos is a one year commemorative plate, but its the current one? I like the other ones too. Yellow is the primary color on those, right?

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