License Plates: 20-16

20: Hawaii

Sweet and simple. I never think of rainbows when I think of Hawaii, but it’s cheery and welcoming. I appreciate that it doesn’t look like a computer generated image.

19. Montana

Now this is how you do a state outline, Nebraska.  It’s a bit awkward, but at least the plate number fits neatly inside of it, as does the state name and state slogan. The longhorn is a nice touch as well.

18: Louisiana

I didn’t realize Louisiana was a sportsman’s paradise, but I’ll run with it. The pelican is a bit large, but I like how it’s in the background. The color scheme is very pleasant on the eye.

17. Arizona

Bluffs and cacti. Yup, that works for me. The state slogan slides in nicely down there, too. A little too purple for me, but I honestly don’t know how else I’d do it. Really dig the fading colors of the horizon.

16: Texas

Oh, Texas. This is looking really good.  The state’s name in big, bold letters. The rolling hills, the picturesque sky. Even the state outline works well. But the blue and red brushstroke in the upper-left corner is a bit much. Pretty low-key otherwise, considering.

4 thoughts on “License Plates: 20-16”

  1. Purple’s definitely a good color choice there – there’s lots of it in the Grand Canyon. I figured one of my three homes would get on the board here soon, and this is the one I would have guessed would drop first.

    My plate and others have “Grand Canyon State” on the left. I wonder if there’s some significance to what side it’s on…

      1. That’s pretty goofy, yes. We don’t have much green in Arizona, but the saguaros are most definitely green. I guess the plate wanted to accurately reflect the coloration of the state while also honoring one of our most common plants, and those two ideas didn’t mesh with one another well…?

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