Best Moments of Cheers: 12, 11

12: Woody’s Wedding

Episode: An Old-Fashioned Wedding (10×25)

There’s not one moment from Woody and Kelly’s pre-wedding hijinks that really stands out, but the hour long episode is great farce from beginning to end. Woody and Kelly sleep with each other (for the first time) the morning of their wedding, and thus must get married that day despite everything that goes wrong. We get treated to angry cooks, mean rottweilers, a jealous kaiser with a sword, a dumbwaiter, and a dead body. Lilith shines, as usual, by entertaining the guests with singing, parlor tricks, and cleavers. Woody is pretty good too, dropping a bit of the naivety and delivering some realistic, solid one-liners.

11. Frederick’s First Word

Episode: Breaking In Is Hard To Do (9×07)

Frasier and Lilith are worried when Frederick turns 11 months old and hasn’t said his first word yet, so they ask their pediatrician who informs them, tragically, that their son is normal. They are desperate to advance him along, to give him more positive social activity that may inspire their son to talk. Lilith is livid when she discover Frasier brought Freddy to the bar, until…

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