Best Moments of Cheers: 10, 9

10. Cliff on Jeopardy

Episode: What Is Cliff Clavin? (8×14)

Cheers had a lot of celebrities, especially local ones, come on the show. Some were just there for a cameo and a brief laugh (Wade Boggs) while some had a lot of screen time but were only mediocre (Kevin McHale). However, this episode hits every note perfectly, and Alex Trebek is fantastic. Not shown in the clip below is Alex Trebek coming to the bar, making some shit up about quitting to Cliff, then telling Norm that “He scares me.”


9. Frasier’s Snipe Hunt

Episode: The Heart is a Lonely Snipehunter (3×14)

The guys pull the old prank on Frasier of putting him on a snipe hunt, then ditch him in the woods. Frasier figures it out, but pretends he’s in love with the snipe hunting just to get back at them. Grammer really gets into it here, and I laugh every time I see him make his snipe call below.

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