The Five Worst Games Made by Sierra

Sierra had 17 games make my top 50 adventure game countdown, so I certainly don’t harbor any negative feelings towards the company. They’re not LJN. But every once in a while they would produce a title that was offensive to the sensibilities of the even the most patient gamer. With that said, I know there are ardent fans of the five games that will be highlighted this week. If you’re one of them, by all means defend the hell out of it.

I have not played every game made by Sierra, though I have played most of them. For reference, I have not played any of the pre-King’s Quest games such as Mystery House or The Dark Crystal, and I have no desire to rip into the games Roberta Williams made in her basement, even if they are bad. I also have missed most of the Quest for Glory, Conquest, Shivers, and EcoQuest series as well as a smattering of other games. I’m sure Space Quest VI: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier would make the list, but the opening is so awful I have never been able to push my way through it.

I can’t say these will be as enjoyable as Roger Ebert’s scathing reviews of the worst movies, but I’ll do my best. See you tomorrow for some awfulness.

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