Original Theme Songs: 4, 3

4. Deep Space Nine

Composer: Dennis McCarthy

The Star Trek themes with the captain voiceovers are more famous, but give me a simple orchestra any time.

3. Hill Street Blues

Composer: Mike Post

The fifth and final theme song by Mike Post (in this countdown) is easily his best. It hit #10 on the Billboard Hot 100, which is crazy considering there’s no lyrics.

4 thoughts on “Original Theme Songs: 4, 3”

  1. I remember hearing the Hill Street Blues theme when I was a wee lad because my mother would make me go to bed just as the show came on, which caused me to fall asleep to the theme on numerous occasions. Good tune to fall asleep to!

  2. I’d forgotten just how good the DS9 theme is. I probably didn’t properly appreciate it at the time it aired, though I do now.

    I’ve been waiting for Hill Street Blues. I wonder how remembered the show would be without that theme.

    1. It would be awesome to know what percentage of rating Mike Post is responsible for. A theme song shouldn’t be what makes a show, but I’m sure it can help, especially while the show is getting started.

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