102. Two and a Half Men

Creator: Chuck Lorre, Lee Aronsohn

Years: 2003-2015

Some housekeeping before we begin. I wanted to clarify that another genre of shows I won’t be ranking on this list are shows marketed to kids. So no Animaniacs, even though it is better than many of the shows on the list. Also, I won’t be ranking the King of Queens and According to Jims of the world. Basically, any show I hated so much that I didn’t even finish one episode I’m going to leave off the list. Partially, that’s to be fair to the show just in case I gave up on it too quickly. Mostly, it’s to keep the list shorter, as I’m sure we could stretch it out to 150 otherwise.

I dug through tons of lists of TV shows to try and make sure I didn’t miss any. I’m sure I’ll miss one. As it stands now, I believe I found 102 adult fictional television shows I feel comfortable ranking.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the worst show on the list. This ranking is based on about a dozen or so episodes I watched of this show back in the Charlie Sheen days. It bizarrely drew me in with a few cheap sex jokes, and the kid was amusing at first. I kind of like John Cryer. But my word does it get stale fast. Sheen, of course, just plays himself. That can be funny as a supporting character in a movie, but as the main character you begin to actively root against him and then wonder why you’re even watching. Pretty quickly the show realized that it didn’t need to be smart to attract viewers and just relied on stupid jokes and offensive plots for…holy shit the show just ended a few months ago? I haven’t seen a minute since Ashton Kutcher came on board and the kid grew up. Maybe it’s no longer offensive, but I see zero reasons to waste another minute.

3 thoughts on “102. Two and a Half Men”

    1. I consort largely with writers, and basically everyone in that world sees this for the abomination it is.

      I’m only surprised to see it in this place on the list because I’m surprised Beau has seen enough episodes for it to qualify.

  1. My father-in-law likes this show enough to have it on in the background occasionally. I’ve never really paid attention to a full episode, but I have to say that from the quality of the writing I’ve seen in the snippets I’ve caught, this show is correctly placed.

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