101. Full House

Creator: Jeff Franklin

Years: 1987-1994

The main reason I’m confident ranking this show so low is that I hated it when I was eight years old. I liked every stupid sitcom when I was eight years old. This was annoyed me to rage. Every character is directed to be as smug as possible while delivering precocious one-liners. It’s hard to forgive it when the lines are given to kids, but when the adults are treated the same way it’s embarrassing. Bob Saget had the same character on America’s Funniest Home Videos and I hated that show, too. Dave Coulier had the same role on America’s Funniest People and I hated that show, too.

The only tolerable characters are played by John Stamos, who occasionally is genuinely earnest, and Jodi Sweetin who is charming without the precociousness. But there isn’t a realistic human motivation to be found in this comedy.


4 thoughts on “101. Full House”

  1. Now, this one I have seen enough of to last me a lifetime (Linds gets her nostalgia fix from it on weekends). I feel pretty confident that if i made a similar list, this one would be at the bottom.

  2. This would most definitely be the bottom-feeder on my list as well. I had a lot of idiot friends who liked it when I was young (though I drifted from all of these people…hmm). This is a thoroughly bad show, though I agree that John Stamos was halfway-guttable. He’s pretty funny in interviews, too.

    Saget’s standup isn’t very good, but he can be funny, as well, when he hacks on this show…which he does a lot. And now they’re doing new episodes.

    1. Yeah, Saget can be hilarious in interviews, but it doesn’t translate to anything official he does. He’s one of the filthiest comedians I’ve ever heard, which makes his Full House persona kind of hilarious.

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