100. Ned & Stacey

Creator: Michael J. Weithorn

Years: 1995-1997

Ned: Why Stacey?
Stacey: Why Ned?
Ned: It was business.
Stacey: Strictly business.
Ned: Here’s the deal – to get a promotion, I needed a wife.
Stacey: To get a life, I needed his apartment.
Ned: So what the hell, we up and got married.
Stacey: The only thing we have in common? We irritate each other.
Ned: Right! Enjoy the show.

That was spoken during the intro credits for every episode. Yeah, they stretched two seasons out of that concept and (surprise!) they slowly started becoming attracted to one another despite it making no sense. Thing is, I loved it when I was 15. I was a big Thomas Haden Church fan after Wings (remember, I was 15) and I think I watched every episode of this and was angry it was cancelled. I watched an episode a few years ago and was angry that I used to like it. Holy hell is it terrible. Church does not have lead actor qualities and the supporting cast is terribly unfunny. Debra Messing is decent and no doubt it launched her success with Will and Grace.  But the scripts are recycled and uninspired and I’m going to stop talking about this show now forever.

2 thoughts on “100. Ned & Stacey”

  1. This was basically a launch platform for Will & Grace. I didn’t watch it all but I remember seeing the odd episode here and there and there were loads of actors who crossed between the two including Megan Mulally who played Karen.

  2. Man oh man, I hated what little of this I saw. Church is as limited as an actor can get, and the attraction…I wouldn’t call it impossible, but it was very Network Television.

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