96. Big Bang Theory

Creator: Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady
Years: 2007-Current

I had this a few spots higher initially because I liked the first season just fine. There seemed to be some genuine geek humor that wasn’t pandering to every audience. But just like another Chuck Lorre awful sitcom, it became dumber as it got more popular. Or maybe it became dumber to become more popular. Either way, the show has devolved into endless sassy one-liners and catchphrases. Boiling down Sheldon’s potentially interesting portrayal of Asperger’s into shit like “Bazinga!” is beyond insulting.

I will say Mayim Bailik’s character is nice. And the theme song is awesome.

If you still think the show is hilarious, maybe try watching it without a laugh track.

6 thoughts on “96. Big Bang Theory”

  1. I watched. That is painful.

    The worst thing is, you know the actors know how bad it is, but it’s career suicide to leave a hit of this level.

    It legitimately pisses me off that people buy into laugh tracks so much, and allow them to affect their enjoyment, but what are ya gonna do?

    1. When I’m at a comedy club, I’m more likely to laugh if other people are laughing. There is stuff I’ve been to, thought was hilarious, then saw clips on YouTube later and was like, “How did I find that funny?”

        1. Do you know what the earliest comedy was to eschew the laugh track and/or studio audience? Also, why did M*A*S*H have a laugh track? It’s war!

          1. Laugh tracks on shows that had scenes outside always bugged me. Yes, a lot of M*A*S*H was probably shot indoors on sets made to look outdoorsy, but when there’s an obvious outdoor scene…oy.

            After some looking around, I don’t see any easy answers about the laugh track. But here’s a depressing history lesson that will make you hate people all over again: http://www.indiewire.com/article/whos-laughing-now-the-history-of-the-sitcom-laugh-track-20141008

          2. “How I Met My Mother”

            Heh, that’s a hell of a typo.

            But yeah, I can definitely recall laughing far more at good shows without laugh tracks than bad shows with (wife’s been watching Friends. I’ve laughed nearly zero times. I hate that show so much). Maybe I’m just not too affected by peer pressure…

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