91. Who’s The Boss?

Creator: Martin Cohan, Blake Hunter
Years: 1984-1992

A pleasant sitcom that is nevertheless rarely more than that. It was cutting edge at the time for highlighting reversed gender-roles, challenging racial stereotypes, and having a sexually progressive grandmother (Golden Girls would come out a year later). but beyond the set-up there’s not much. Katherine Helmond is fun as Mona, and Danza and Light have pretty good chemistry. Alyssa Milano is enthusiastic but beyond being on a poster in many teenage bedrooms in the 80s it’s hard to tell how she stands out.

I haven’t seen this in a while but I imagine the jokes I found mildly amusing twenty years ago would be less than that today.

One thought on “91. Who’s The Boss?”

  1. I saw this not so long ago and expected so much more, based on its relative ballsiness in my youth. Oh well.

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