71. Family Guy

Creator: Seth McFarlane
Years: 1999-Current

I was hanging out with some friends of friends in 2000 when one guy recreated the scene from the first episode where everyone in the courtroom is saying “Oh no!” and then the Kool-Aid man busts through the wall and screams, “Oh yeah!” We laughed at this all night long, and we were sober.

So I started watching the show and became hooked (“whose leg do I need to hump to get a dry martini around here?”). I’ve been trying to come up with a reason why I liked it for years and I can’t. I was crazy about this show. But now I can barely stomach it.

I think McFarlane is a moderately funny guy. He’s intelligent and occasionally is capable of pulling off some amazing jokes (I even thought Ted was a decent enough movie). But he’s apparently content with lazily ripping off himself (don’t even get me started on The Cleveland Show or American Dad) and resorting to the lowest common denominator. And even when he nails a joke, he beats it into the ground like it attacked his grandmother. That could be forgivable if half of his jokes weren’t pointlessly mean-spirited.

Unfortunately, it’s not worth sitting through an episode to get to the one great joke. The reason this ranks as high as it does is because I still remember a lot of the great jokes.

One thought on “71. Family Guy”

  1. I tried to like this show, but nobody could like it as much as it likes itself.

    But I’ve covered this ad nauseum, and Seth McFarlane shall get no more of my time.

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