63. That 70’s Show

Creator: Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner, Mark Brazill
Years: 1998-2006
I’ve probably seen thirty or forty episodes of the 200 episodes. At first I really liked it. I guess stoned teenagers felt fresh to me at the time. And the show really could have worked had they done a bang-up job casting. As it stands, the only great casting decisions were for mom and dad. Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp are often hilarious as the perpetually annoyed parents. But man oh man does it go downhill fast. Topher Grace is enthusiastic but not good. Laura Prepon delivers wooden line after wooden line. Masterson is okay as Hyde, but his character stalls. The less said about Valderrama the better. Kunis is very raw, constantly reacting to lines that haven’t been delivered yet. Kutcher’s character is dumb, but he’s occasionally fun to watch.

I do like Kevin McDonald as pastor Dave. And the episode where all the adults accidentally get high on brownies might be the show’s best moment.

3 thoughts on “63. That 70’s Show”

  1. God, I loathe this show. Topher Grace has one delivery, and Prepon is truly a horrifying actor. Valderrama actually has a lot of range, but this show didn’t allow him to use it. Early on the premise seems like a good one, but before long it feels like an extremely modern show with characters who wear outdated clothes.

    Kurtwood Smith is good, but wasted in this. He stopped into my store a couple of months ago and I had to get a few fanboys to leave him alone while I helped him. I did add at the end, though, that I love him as a villain, particularly in Robocop.

      1. The suicide scene in Dead Poets Society is brilliant, because the screenwriter is out of the way and a great actor and his director are left to do their thing. Otherwise, ugh.

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