60. Tru Calling

Creator: Jon Harmon Feldman
Years: 2003-2005

A killer premise involves a med student (Dushku) who finds out she has the power to relive the day a person is wrongfully killed. She can only relive it once, and she has limited time to figure out how to save the person (and, sometimes, who the person even is she’s supposed to save).

Unfortunately, the killer premise is hampered frequently by an underwhelming cast and repetitive plots. Zach Galifianakis is pretty good as her boss (and morgue jokester), but the rest of the cast just kills (literally) scene after scene. Jason Priestly comes on part way through season one as someone who also has Dushku’s power but wants to stop her and anyone from changing history the way she does. It’s an intriguing antagonist who unfortunately didn’t get a chance to really unleash before the show was cancelled.

I enjoyed it while it was on because I totally dig anything time travel. But I can’t really recommend it.

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