55. Coach

Creator: Barry Kemp
Years: 1989-1997

A ratings smash, I always found Coach enjoyable to have on even if I didn’t laugh all that much. The dramatic moments are probably what drew me in. I remember one episode in particular where Hayden and Christine have a huge fight and threaten to divorce. I remember it being realistic and chilling. One of the funnier moments for me was when Troy Aikman came on the show and was a sperm donor for the family. Hayden at first hands him a Dixie Cup, and then takes it back and hands him a big glass. “What was I thinking? You’re Troy Aikman!” A simple joke, but both Nelson and Aikman played it perfectly.

Perhaps the fact that it took place in Minnesota (and was shot at times in Iowa City) drew me in, too. Despite all the football coaching going on, I’m not sure we ever actually see any game action. Probably a good choice back in the day what with tight budgets.

A sequel was planned for this year, but it looks like NBC is having second thoughts. That also is probably a good choice.


2 thoughts on “55. Coach”

  1. I remember the divorce-threatening fight. I also remember a very small bit of game footage, shot tight during the final play, outlining a last-second touchdown (in slow motion) that apparently allowed the team to lose 55-7 or something like that.

    Coach was pretty fine. I remember being amused that they had TWO really stupid characters. That’s rare.

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