26. Better Call Saul

Creator: Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould
Years: 2015–Present

Already nominated for best series in its first season (along with a couple of actor nominations), Better Call Saul has already proven that this spinoff was a good idea. It could very well rise higher in the rankings before it’s over. Or it could drop. But it’s funny, dark, and suspenseful. Odenkirk is a wonderful actor.

2 thoughts on “26. Better Call Saul”

  1. I really like this one so far. The scene in the desert in the third(?) episode is one of the most darkly funny scenes I’ve seen on TV. The confrontation between Saul and his brother is riveting. It was a little dry at times, but I’m very pleasantly surprised so far.

  2. I’ve still only seen the first two episodes, which suggest the series will be a slow burn like its predecessor. It’s good stuff, though. I was always bummed back during Mr. Show that Odenkirk didn’t seem to be thought of as a serious actor. Now he is AND Mr. Show is back, so woooooo

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