161. Ferengi Love Songs (5.20)

Synopsis: Quark discovers that his mother and Grand Nagus Zek have fallen in love with each other.

Memory Alpha Summary: Your daily reminder that (most) Ferengi devalue women

Review: Whenever there’s a Ferengi episode, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be either dreadful because it’s a cartoon, or tolerable because it helps develop Quark’s character. This one is solidly in the former.

As a cartoon it doesn’t work as it undermines the development of Quark’s character and it further exposes how ridiculous it is that anyone would do business with the Ferengi. Shawn Wallace is really working his butt off, too, which makes this more depressing. I do have to say that powerful Ferengi leaders showing up in closets, and every doorway on Ferenginar being too short even for Ferengi is amusing every time.

The B-plot where Rom tries to talk Leeta into a prenup is too simple (and also undermines the character growth Rom has shown over the years) and too rushed to evoke anything as well, but that’s an improvement!

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