160. Let He Who Is Without Sin… (5.07)

Synopsis: While Worf, Dax, Bashir, Leeta, and Quark vacation on Risa, Worf decides to join a radical fundamentalist group determined to start a political revolution on Risa.

Memory Alpha Summary: Almost saved the worst for last.

Review: Wow, what a dumpster fire. This is what happens if you take Justice, remove all the camp, and make it even less sexy.

TNG was notorious for having one-off guest characters come on to moralize about the Federation, and DS9 continues the tradition by having another over-the-top fuckwad shake and shout. Worf also reverts back to his TNG days and is a jerkface to Dax and everyone else. Quark’s presence is pointless as is Julian’s break-up story with Leeta. It was painfully obvious that the writers had to tone down any potentially amusing sex jokes (or any sexuality at all), and tried to make up for it with the A-plot about how dopamine was going to lead to the Dominion taking over the Federation. Yeesh.

At least Vanessa Williams was solid. And the episode does a nice of job of mentioning same-sex relationships without making a big deal about it. 

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